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Rest API Manual Testing For Beginners

Learn the basics of API Testing and all concepts required to create and test any web API in this free online course.

Publisher: Quaatso
In this course, you will learn step by step how to test REST API using Postman and Curl. The course starts at the very basic and will introduce you to the concept of client-server architecture, web services, API and JSON. You will learn how CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations are implemented. How to write manual test cases for restful API testing, validate and verify the response to your test and more will be covered in this course.
Rest API Manual Testing For Beginners
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In today’s digital-driven world, applications or apps have become fundamental to our society. They have greatly influenced our way of life, where we work, how we do business, how we provide services and also how we communicate. One of the key needs of these applications is to communicate and integrate with a range of other applications and systems to perform their essential functions. This is where the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and API testing come into play. APIs are vital tools by which two different programs can communicate. Without APIs, the digital interactions we enjoy every day with our computers, smartphones, TVs, and other devices, would not be possible. APIs allow faster innovation and easy monetisation, their importance in all organisations is also increasing. This course starts at the beginner's level from the definition of API, client-server architecture, web services and other fundamentals that will help you understand the working and testing of API.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) allows you to store and transfer data objects made up of attribute–value pairs and arrays using human-readable text. You will learn to write requests in JSON and also create a test for GET, PUT, POST and DELETE requests in postman and curl with hands-on training sessions. A client as we know can mean someone, we do business with. Do you know client means something entirely different in computing? Discover what "client" means and how it can perform different operations on a result residing in a server. Do you know that apart from reading data we can manipulate them? You will learn how a client can make that happen and also the importance of these manipulations. Upon that, you will discover the operations known as CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) a client can perform and apply to a result residing in a server.

One of the ways a developer can improve his/her experience is through API documentation. This course provides you with an overview of API documentation and how to write and set up test cases. This course's classroom approach, which includes questions and answers will also help you understand the fundamentals of software testing. The design of this course from the basic to advanced is ideal for IT professionals, architects, end-users and also beginners who do not have any prior knowledge of API testing. By the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge and expertise to perform RESTful API testing using postman and curl manually. Learning API skills will also help you to advance your career as an API Test Engineer. With an increase in demand for talented software testers worldwide, this is the best time to take this course and build the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue a rewarding career in this field. Enrol today!

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