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Renew Your Personal Confidence

Start forming a better complete picture of yourself as a one-of-a-kind person with this free online course.

Publisher: Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova
Have you ever pondered the question, "WHO AM I?" There are numerous ways to define one's identity. In this course, you will learn about various types of personalities, intelligence, and strengths. You'll discover your personality type based on your primary preferences, intelligence type, and signature strengths. Following that, you will learn how to incorporate them into your relationships, profession, and studies to reach your full potential.
Renew Your Personal Confidence
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Among the significant impediments to discerning who we genuinely are is that most of us lack actual personal power. If you want to unmask your identity, unlock your limitless potential, instil enthusiasm in all you do, and live a meaningful, blissful, and fulfilled life, start now with this course. The course begins with an introduction to the multiple intelligence theory and a complete description of different types of intelligence such as Linguistic, Musical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Naturalis. You will uncover your top bits of intelligence by studying the characteristics of each sort of intelligence, allowing you to get a better understanding of your capabilities.

Following that, you'll look into a few particular categories like favourite locations, activities, and items to learn more about your personality type, preferences, cognitive functions, and other facets of your personality. After that, you'll learn about the four temperaments: Protectors (SJs), Creators (SPs), Intellectuals (NTs), and Visionaries (NFs), as well as their job matches, which include leaders, negotiators, researchers, and teachers.

Next, the course goes through learning styles theory and the VAK model, which divides sensory methods of learning into three categories: visual (V), auditory (A), and kinesthetic (K). You will acquire more about your favourite and strongest learning methods by analyzing how you best absorb knowledge using your eyes, hearing, or body. Finally, you will study about 24 character strengths like appreciation of beauty and excellence, bravery, fairness, honesty, and hope. Understanding and leveraging your talents may help you be happier, more productive, and more involved in all aspects of your life.

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