Remote Sensing Devices and Platforms

Get exposed to the applications of various devices and platforms used in remotes sensing, with this free online course.

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In this free online course on Remote Sensing Devices and Platforms, you will discover the various devices and platforms used in remote sensing. The course will expose you to the working operations and applications of those remote sensing devices, and the unique characteristics of some key satellites. You will also learn about the applications of passive microwave remote sensing and how satellite images are acquired on the satellite station.
Remote Sensing Devices and Platforms
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This free online course on Remote Sensing Devices and Platforms will educate you on the applications of key remote sensing devices and platforms. First, you will learn how remote sensing images are represented, including how single and multilayer images are generated. You will also discover the types of satellite orbits and earth-observing satellites that are found. You will be introduced to the types of remote sensing and how satellites acquire multispectral images. The course also shows you the characteristics of key world and Indian satellites.

Next, you will be introduced to the importance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in remote sensing, including their advantages and applications. You will be introduced to the system of Microwave Remote Sensing, as well as the working operation and application of Passive Microwave Remote Sensing. Furthermore, the course explains the types of image resolution in remote sensing. Finally, you will be shown how satellite earth stations acquire images from satellites. 

This course is of interest to those who are looking to become remote sensing professionals or refresh their memories on the various remote sensing platforms and devices available out there. The course demonstrates how certain devices and platforms are instrumental to remote sensing. You will also learn how the images captured by satellites are transmitted to the earth. So, if you are looking to be a remote sensing expert or want to learn more about how satellite images are acquired, this course is for you. Don’t wait! Start this course today and become an expert in the field of Remote Sensing Devices and Platforms.

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