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Python for Pentesters

Learn how to write and implement Python scripts to pentest Linux and Windows in this free online cybersecurity course.

Publisher: CODERED
Penetration testing (or pentesting / pen testing) is necessary to identify weaknesses in networks and find solutions to protect digital assets against cyberattacks by black-hat hackers. In this free course, you will learn to use Python’s many advantages, such as its reverse engineering and exploitation libraries, so you can simulate attacks of your own. Network sniffing, writing new packets and auditing your pen test are all broken down for you.
Python for Pentesters
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    4-5 Hours
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‘Python for Pentesters’ is a free online computer course that will equip you with all the latest tools and techniques available for effective Python penetration testing of digital networks. This important IT function is made easier as you study Python pentest scripts to use across a variety of programs, starting with an introduction to Python’s set up, and its development and virtual environments. Once you have completed this course, you should be able to launch ethical hacking tests using Python, which has the widest collection of tools and automation for multiple scenarios, making it the pre-eminent choice of modern pentesters.

When you have mastered the fundamentals, you will continue onto unravelling the complexities of string formatting and data structures. Study how to create a basic Python network recon framework via port scanning and banner grabbing. Analyze web reconnaissance from scraping and phishing functions. Delve into password cracking concepts and see how to evade anti-virus software. Finally, you will tackle Python forensics for network investigation and how to work with SQL databases.

This Python ethical hacking course will give you an in-depth understanding of the tools and methodologies at your disposal for professional penetration testing. It will be very useful to network administrators and those with cybersecurity functions within IT teams who want to learn to write quick and thorough Python scripts to automate their pentesting.

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