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Public Speaking Emergencies

Learn how to give sales presentations effectively and handle emergencies during your speech in this free online course.

Publisher: TJ Walker
Does the notion of speaking to a large number of people scare you? The good news is that you are not alone and you can easily learn the art of public speaking to boost your career and business. You will learn how to prepare and deliver your speech as well as how to handle any emergency that may arise during the presentation as well as the skills to write key message points and deliver them during their speech in a natural and effective way.
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Do you know that the highest number of customers come in to buy your product or services through sales presentations? A sales presentation is a selling technique where you persuade your potential customers to take an action you would like them to take. You will learn how to give presentations to your prospects with confidence and explain the value of your product and services in an interesting way. There are some common blunders that are committed by most people during their speeches. You will be taught how to avoid these and stand out from your competitors. Having notes during your speech is helpful to make your speech go smoothly and touch all the necessary points. However, there is a possibility that you end up reading from the notes and appear nervous and robotic to the audience. You will learn how to narrow down your message points to five so that the audience can easily understand and remember your message. Some practical tips on how to create a one-page cheat sheet and use it in their speech without looking like they are reading from it are included in this section.

PowerPoint is a popular tool by Microsoft to create presentations containing slides and different visual effects. However, nobody wants to read the data on slides while listening to you and if you don't pay attention to the appropriate data volume needed on a slide, the data on slides will end up overwhelming the audience. You will explore all the practicalities to create a PowerPoint presentation with short and specific information to make your message more interesting. Every PowerPoint presentation requires two PowerPoints – the first is projected on a screen and the other is sent or given to the audience. To grab the attention of your audience, you will be taught how to customize your PowerPoint presentation with the required minimum data, images, and graphs that will be projected on a screen. Storytelling is the biggest difference between an awful communicator and a great communicator. You will be shown how to make your message points more interesting by telling stories, giving examples and providing case studies.

In the case of an emergency such as a technical fault during a presentation, you will be shown how to salvage the situation and still give an effective speech. Also, if you are in a situation that requires you to give a presentation on short notice, you will discover how to use the least amount of time in the most efficient manner. This public speaking course is designed for both new and professional public speakers to deliver their exact message in speeches and handle any difficulties that may arise in their presentations. Good sales presentations are key to building and expanding your customer base for your product or services. Public speaking appears to be a scary task for most people, but those who master the art of public speaking stand out from the crowd and are able to make more profitable deals in their business. Enrol in this public speaking certificate and learn the art of public speaking as well as handle any possible emergencies that may arise during your presentation.

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