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PRONTO! Italian Language Studies - Introduction

Master the Italian language and become an 'italiano vero' - a true Italian - with this free online language course.

Publisher: PRONTO!
Become an "ITALIANO VERO", a "TRUE ITALIAN" by studying the Italian language and learning about Italian culture in this free online course. Master the four pillars of the Italian language: PARLARE (speaking) , SCRIVERE (writing), LEGGERE (reading) and CAPIRE (understanding). This course is designed to guide students through the basics of the Italian language through video-led lessons that teach vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
PRONTO! Italian Language Studies - Introduction
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Learn grammar and master all the technical aspects of the Italian language, from basics such as the use of prepositions, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs, and singular and plural forms of nouns, to articles, and the use of adjectives and adverbs in this free online course. You will be introduced to the pronunciation of Italian ‘vocali e consonanti’ (vowels and consonants), with exercises where you will be guided to achieve the correct and authentic pronunciation. You will also be introduced to vocabulary and conversational Italian in ‘situazioni formali e informali’ (formal and informal situations), ‘presentarsi’ (how to introduce yourself), ‘parlare di te stesso e degli altri’ (talking about yourself and others), ‘dire e chiedere da dove vieni’ (conversation about where you come from), and ‘e tantissimi altri temi’ (and many other subjects).

Why learn a new language? Mastering a new language can change your life socially and professionally. Think of all the people and experiences that are on the other side of you mastering this language. ‘L’Italiano’ is considered by some to be the true language of love and is the fourth most studied language in the world. The lessons are taught by Italian teachers Beatrice, Bianca or Sara. Your teacher will lead a video lesson, with PDFs of the content also available for download. 

This course was built by an amazing team of Italian teachers with the objective of teaching Italian while bringing students as close as possible to Italy and its culture, food, music and beautiful places. So why wait? Start your journey to becoming an Italian speaker by enrolling and learning a new skill today!

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