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Process, People and Partners in the Toyota Production System

Learn about the impact of the Process, People and Partners in the Toyota Production System with this free online course.

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This free online course on Process, People and Partners in the Toyota Production System explains the pioneering efforts of Toyota in conceptualizing the pull strategy in production environment. Start this course today and learn about the importance of getting quality right the first time, standardization of processes and tasks, and the relationship between scientific management and flexible organizations.
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This free online course on Process, People and Partners in the Toyota Production System introduces you to important concepts such as the pull system as a lean manufacturing strategy used to reduce waste in the manufacturing process, methods used to detect defects when they occur in the Toyota Production System and, how standardization tasks became a science when mass production replaced the craft form of production.

The course begins by teaching about the concept of real demand in the lean manufacturing system, and the relationship between demands from customers and immediate profits and returns. You'll also learn about the implementation of visual signals in manufacturing and servicing organizations, fundamentals and standardization in a production system, and how the Toyota production system can transform businesses to become world class organizations.

This course explains the reliable, thoroughly tested technology that is used by the people in the Toyota Production System. You'll learn that adoptation of Toyota production system can be used as a global benchmark on how to use value added technolog. The course also outlines the ideas behind TPS which expects leaders to teach their subordinates the Toyota way. Start this course and learn about the various aspects of using the reliable and thoroughly tested technology behind the Toyota Production System.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course , you will be able to:

  • Explain overproduction as one of the biggest tenets of the Toyota production system 
  • Analyze the pull system and the levelling workload as two extremes of the Toyota production process
  • Define MUDA as wasteful activities that lengthen lead time 
  • Define MURI as pushing a person or machine beyond natural limits 
  • Describe the process of developing leaders in an organisation, and  how to develop exceptional teams and how this 
  • Explain the the concept of human centric production in the Toyota production system
  • Discuss how the the Toyota production system helps suppliers to develop in their performance


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