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Principles of Circuit Diagrams and Blue Print Reading

A free online course on circuit diagrams, blueprint reading, and how to improve system performance in control circuits.

Publisher: ADU
Develop your technical skills by exploring how to remove problem-causing components and improve the performance of the system in control circuits from this free online course. Learn about the concept of the auxiliary relay, the working principle of the electromagnetic relay, and relay contact multiplication. You will also learn about monitoring relay, timer relay, and electrical reset relays. Sign up and get started with this course today.
Principles of Circuit Diagrams and Blue Print Reading
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Principles of Circuit Diagram and Blueprint Reading is a free online course that provides an in-depth understanding of the working principle of the electromagnetic relay and auxiliary relays. Before working on various arrangements of relay contacts, it is important to understand the types of relay contacts and their operations. This course explores the concept of power contactors, chattering of relays and auxiliary relay contact multiplication. This course introduces you to the perception of the monitoring relay, timer relay together with the electrical reset relays. Have you considered the analysis of various types of monitoring relays? This course will teach you the types of timers for relay logic operation, how a typical control panel can be presented and the common rules that should be followed. You will learn about the operations of the control panel, as well as a rotary selector switch. Also, this course identifies the equipment that can specifically be designed to control the damage to the power system.

If you want to acquire a detailed understanding of the different symbols, ANSI numbers and single line diagrams, then you should sign up for this course. By taking this course, you will be able to explain the process of wiring diagrams, cable schedules and how to read a schematic drawing. Also, this course will help you understand the structure of schematic drawings sheets and the concept of the simple control circuit. This course will take through the characteristics of the crane circuit, as well as the steps required for troubleshooting a typical car control circuit. Study the working principles of an annunciator and how to troubleshoot an annunciator. Do you know there are factors that must be considered before the operation of the electro-mechanical annunciator? This course discusses the sequential functioning of a typical DC electro-mechanical type annunciator. If you have any difficulty understanding the working of a circuit breaker and the control scheme of a circuit breaker, then this course is for you.

Furthermore, you will learn about troubleshooting techniques of the closing scheme of a circuit breaker and the tripping scheme of the circuit breaker. You will be able to describe the trip circuit supervision procedure and the important equipment in control circuits. Explore how the steps for troubleshooting a simple control circuit can be implemented. This course will help improve your skills on how to remove problem-causing components and improve the performance of the system in the control circuits. Do you know there are electrical drawings that are vital in cooperating the device information?. Explore the characteristics of the attracted armature relays together with the UV and OV relays. This course will help you improve your skills in electrical drawings, as well as cable schedules. This circuit diagram course will be of great interest to students, researchers, and anyone with an interest in circuit diagrams and blueprint reading. Register for this course and start your next learning journey today!


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