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Power Automate for Beginners

Streamline repetitive tasks by learning to build powerful automated processes in this free online course.

Publisher: SimonSezIT
This free online course on Microsoft’s Power Automate tool helps to automate repetitive tasks and essential business processes. This productivity tool allows you to spend less time on mundane tasks. Thus, you pay more attention to what really matters. You will learn all of the basics to get started with Power Automate and some of the intermediate features as well. This will be a useful skill for those aiming to scale up their work efficiency.
Power Automate for Beginners
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Imagine a day where you open your email’s inbox and find useful details about the tweets containing a keyword of your interest. Or, a moment when you only have to upload a file on the team’s shared folder on drive and all the team members automatically receive an email with this update. This is like having an assistant who understands your needs and saves your time by performing those essential, but repetitive tasks. In the first module of this course you will be introduced to Power Automate. Why do we need it? How do we access Power Automate? Is it free? What does its interface look like? Simple and short video tutorials will provide answers to such questions. You will learn about workflows, triggers and actions as you understand the key features of Power Automate. The hands-on tutorials will help you to experience the power and simplicity of this tool.

Next, you will learn to create a workflow from a template. A workflow is a system to manage repetitive processes and tasks in a specific order. You will learn about editing the same to suit your requirements and how to track as well as share a flow. The tutorials have relevant examples to help you to understand the functions of this powerful service or tool. It has a selection of hundreds of templates to create a flow. You will get clarity on actions and triggers in a workflow along with the Power Automate interface. It has a left menu and a horizontal menu. The tutorials explain the functions of the key buttons on these menus. For example, a tutorial explains the functions of the ‘Edit’ button with examples. It guides how to check for errors and warnings while editing a flow. You will also learn the accessibility options available to all the owners with whom the workflow is shared.

In the final module, you will learn about automated flow, creating a flow from scratch and dynamic content. The web based service provided by Microsoft allows you to create automated workflows between your favourite apps. It is an easy to use drag-and-drop tool with hundreds of templates and pre-built connectors and does not entail any coding knowledge. You will dive further into the Power Automate interface to learn to create triggers and actions along with using the dynamic content. This basic course will enable you to gain a working knowledge of a powerful web-based service by Microsoft. You can add this skill to your repertoire of knowledge and save precious time and effort in completing repetitive and mundane tasks. The dynamic twenty first century workplaces demand professionals with such software skills. So, take the lead and be well armed to move ahead in your professional journey. Enroll now in this free course.

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