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Political Ideologies: Nationalism and Republicanism

This free online course in Political Ideology allows you to gain a practical knowledge of Nationalism and Republicanism.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course in Political Ideology, Nationalism and Republicanism, allows you to learn about the main ideas and concepts of these political philosophies before exposing you to the reasoning behind the extermination of the Jews. The course allows you to better understand the concept of Republicanism, through some worked examples, and ends with the concepts of Civic Engagement and Citizens’ Assembly.
Political Ideologies: Nationalism and Republicanism
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This Certificate Course in Political Ideology: Nationalism and Republicanism, starts by introducing you to the main themes of Nationalism. You will then learn about the connection between Nationalism and other ideologies. The elitist meanings of the terms such as Nation, State and Territory will be covered, along with the reasons behind the extermination of the Jews. Some worked examples are provided for a better understanding of these ideologies.     

Next, you will learn about Republicanism, which is somewhat related to Nationalism. The concept will be unravelled, along with that of Citizenship. Liberalism, another concept that is strongly related to Republicanism, will also be covered. You will particularly learn how incoherencies, failures and flaws of Liberalism led to the intervention of Republicanism. By the end of this course, Civic Engagement and Citizens’ Assembly will be discussed, along with some worked examples.  

Two of the most fundamental themes in Political Ideologies will be covered in this course. It will be of great interest to people who would like to have a better understanding of Nationalism and Republicanism and their application to the real world. Students in the Political Sciences will find this course particularly interesting. So don’t wait! Start this course today boost your understanding and knowledge of Republicanism and Nationalism.        


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