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Planning for Ultimate Public Speaking Success

Learn how to speak comfortably in public so that you consistently captivate audiences, by taking this free online course

Publisher: TJ Walker
Speaking in public can be scary even after you have had multiple opportunities. In this public speaking course, you will learn the fundamentals that will ensure that you can prepare properly for every speech. Some easily-implementable tips and tricks are shared to ensure that you always meet your audience confidently and that you deliver messages with clarity so that they understand, remember and are motivated to take action.
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When given an opportunity to speak in public, our responses can be as varied as our faces for so many reasons that could include our temperaments, backgrounds and exposure. While some people seem to thrive addressing any number of audiences, others run as far away as possible from speaking to anyone who is not a close friend or family member. This course is tailored to help anyone, regardless of their age, learn the fundamentals of planning, preparing and delivering a speech to the public. After a guided tour of the content of the course to ensure you derive maximum benefit, you will be taught how to set your exact public speaking goals so that measurable progress can be made. In public speaking, self-confidence is extremely important and the way you conduct yourself portrays your confidence. Even though fear is a natural emotion, overcoming stage fright and anxiousness is necessary. The idea is to appear confident even if you aren't and this course will show you tactics you can employ to eliminate fear and appear confident to your audience.

What is your primary concern when it is time to face that dreaded audience? Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you wonder if the audience understands you or if they even remember any of your messages? In this public speaking certificate, you will learn how to look supremely comfortable every time you speak. Alongside this, you will be taught the concept of using eye contact tricks of the masters, how to like and even love the sound of your own voice and start your speech at exactly the right spot. Other key themes included in the content include how to brainstorm ideas to formulate key messages, which is often more important than practising in front of a mirror. On top of this, this public speaking certification explores the tool that every great speaker uses, which is storytelling as well as how to analyze your stories. As you progress further you will be taught how to give life to ideas with PowerPoint, what it takes to pass the ultimate public speaking test with flying colors and how to test yourself with focus groups to get feedback on your speech or presentation.

Additionally, you will learn simple tricks that will make you look like a public speaking veteran such as the use of pictures instead of words and how to practice properly so that it adds tangible value. In the dedicated section for kids, they will learn that age is not a barrier to a good performance in public speaking. This dedicated section includes simple-to-understand terms, the importance of writing down goals, determining the kinds of messages that will motivate an audience, the role of speaking passionately about any topic and why using examples is critical. A few other key topics that conclude the course involves discussing what a ‘cheat sheet’ is and its importance, and why rehearsing is often tedious but most necessary. If you want to comfortably speak in public and you do not have any prior experience, then enrolling in this course would be a very good start and will ensure that your public speaking opportunities engage and benefit your audiences.

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