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Physics: Motion and Gravity

Learn about the main principles and concepts of motion and gravity in this free online physics course.

Publisher: XSIQ
Alison's free online certificate physics course will give you a solid grounding in the principles and concepts of motion and gravity. You will cover a range of topics, from Newton's Third Law to momentum and impulse and from gravitational force to the wave-like nature of light. This course will be fascinating for anyone who wants to build towards a career in science or who wants to know more about the world around us. So start learning today!
Physics: Motion and Gravity
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This free online physics course starts off looking at motion. You will study normal reaction and Newton’s Third Law of Motion as well as looking at friction and air resistance. You will then move on to study constant and vertical circular motion and explore calculations with projectile motion. The course then moves on to look at momentum and impulse, as well as elastic potential energy.

The course then gives an introduction to gravity, discussing weightlessness and how to calculate apparent weight. You will also look into gravitational force and acceleration due to gravity before moving on to look at structures and materials. Here you will study compressive and tensile forces and look at rules for analysing structures as well as Young’s Modulus. Finally, you will move on to explore the wave-like nature of light as well as emission and absorption spectra. 

Proficiency in science is a skill that opens up exciting and high-paying jobs and careers around the world. All of this starts with an understanding of the basics and this physics certificate puts you on the path to learning and opens up a wide world of further study and work. By the end of the course, you will have increased your knowledge set, learned something really interesting, and possibly kickstarted a great career.

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