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Outdoor Education - Adventure - Revised

This free online course teaches you all about outdoor adventure activities and the best ways to market them like a pro.

Publisher: XSIQ
This course explores Outdoor Education and its potential as a recreational learning activity. We lay out examples of adventure activities and examine the factors that can affect your assessment of certain options. We then study the Media's influence on public perception of outdoor adventurous activities, grading, guidebooks, how to market adventure activity packages, types of equipment and contemporary improvements in technology.
Outdoor Education - Adventure - Revised
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This course offers a comprehensive exploration of Outdoor Education and its appeal as a fun way to learn. We explain the meaning of ‘adventure’ through history as stories of great journeys like Captain Cook's voyages of discovery and Mawson's epic journey to the South Pole continue to inspire today’s thrill-seekers.

We then outline the factors that must be considered when planning a trip or adventure, including safety, cost, group size and other important logistic concerns. The course identifies factors that affect your assessment of certain types of adventures and tracks the media's impact on public perfection of available outdoor adventures. We also cover grading and guidebooks before delving into the marketing of adventure packages and the types of equipment offered by improved modern technology.

This course can benefit anyone who wants to use Outdoor Education to teach and entertain others. We can also help anyone who is interested in outdoor adventures, either as a hobby or in a professional capacity such as an outdoor adventure guide or a group leader. Sign up for this training course to learn more about this enchanting career option.

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