Organizational Selling

Learn about the various concepts of buying and selling in a sales organization in this free online course on Alison.

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This free online course is particularly useful for sales executives who strive to achieve interdepartmental relationships and coordination in a sales organization. The course explains in great details the differences between formal and informal communications in a sales organization. By the end of this course, you will be well updated on the processes used in creating a good sales plan. You will also be able to make better sales decisions.
Organizational Selling
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This free online course begins by explaining how important departmental relationships and coordinations are to the development and success of a sales organization.  You will learn in detail the relevance of ensuring smooth coordination of selling in various departments of a sales organization. You will also learn about how departmental sales behaviour affects the  relationship between a sales organization and its external stakeholders. 

The course then explains the meaning of sales planning, the characteristic of a good and effective sales plan. You will learn about how sales forecasts are used in making quality sales decisions, and the importance of sales planning in sales management. You will also learn about how sales forecasting helps sales people come up with accurate sales projections, and how to prepare sales budgets when all pre sales projection conditions are met.

The course then explains the evolution of the relationship between buyers and sellers over the years. You will learn about diversity in personal selling situations, and the categorization of various sales positions. You will be introduced to the importance of salesmanship in a sales organization. You will also learn about the theories of selling and how they affect sales outputs in an organization. 

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