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Operating Systems - Systems Security

Learn how to secure operating systems from malicious bugs and viruses with this free computer system security course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Operating Systems course from Alison will give you a better understanding of systems security. As computer systems are always on and always connected in the modern digital age, computer security is becoming more important than ever. With this course, you will learn the main techniques used by IT experts to secure modern operating systems in order to protect your computer against hackers, cyber-criminals, and malicious programs.
Operating Systems - Systems Security
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When designing an operating system, you need to have security goals in mind. This course will teach you how to do so, by introducing you to Secrecy, Integrity, and Availability and teaching you about the MAC or Mandatory Access Control, the Biba model, and the Bell-LaPadula model. You will then study the components for developing an access control system, Discretionary Access Control (DAC), and Role-based Access Control (RBAC). The course will also discuss leaky states and information flow policies.

A buffer overflow is a vulnerability in the system could pertain to any application running in the system. Making the stack pages non-executable can prevent buffer overflow attacks but will not completely prevent them. This course will teach you how a stack in a program is managed and how to use buffer overflows. You will learn the techniques for overcoming buffer overflow vulnerability as well as study the limitations of the return to LIBC code.

Computer security is essential not just for keeping information protected but also for preventing viruses and malware from harming your computer system and allowing programs to run more smoothly. This free course on Operating Systems Security will help any aspiring computer programmer to protect their systems against malware and intrusions. With these skills on your side, you'll give your résumé and your professional skills a solid boost, all in just a few short hours. Check out the course today.

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