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MySql, Java and URL in Web Application

Learn in depth knowledge of MySQL database, java and URL structure with this free online programming course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course in MySql, Java, and URL in Web Application will introduce you to the key concepts of MySQL database from a designer's perspective and how to design tables and records. With this, you will learn about the details of URL in web applications which includes bookmarking, caching and the back button. You will then be introduced to a navigate app state problem and the post redirect get a solution.
MySql, Java and URL in Web Application
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This free, online course in MySql, Java and URL in Web Application will help you learn about MySQL database from the designer's perspective. Further, in this course, you will learn key ideas of how to design tables, records and entity-relationship diagrams.

You will look at how to use Java to extract data from MySQL and by using servlets as well; how to get data from a database and show it on a webpage using JSP. Further, the course will help you go through an important concept of registering a user from the browser and identify any issues that will bring by user inputs.
You will learn about the details of URL in web application and critical details of bookmarking, caching and a back button that will also teach you how to move back and forward among screens. At the end of this course, you will go through with the most important concepts of encryption that will help you to secure your application. With you will get to know about how to store a key safely, encryption method and if required how to decrypt it carefully.

This course is ideal for IT professionals and web programmers who want to update their knowledge. Start this course today and get detailed knowledge of MySql, Java and URL in Web Application Development.

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