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Diploma in MS PowerPoint 2013 Advanced

Update your Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 skills and have your presentations go from basic to amazing!

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
Advance your presentation skills using this PowerPoint course. Everyone knows how to add a slide and include a transition but to make your presentation really pop? That takes some knowledge of different tips and tricks embedded in this software. Let this course show you how to modify the working environment, customize design templates and add SmartArt. These are just a few examples of the lessons taught here.
Diploma in MS PowerPoint 2013 Advanced
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    10-15 Hours
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You’re applying for a new job. You are looking at your hard skills and you think to yourself “I can make a presentation, I’ll add PowerPoint to my resumé”. Fast forward to the boardroom and you’re at the top of the room. One person is asleep, another is confused and your boss is changing colours as they try to deal with how they feel with your downright awful presentation. You cast your mind back to that course you saw on Alison that promised to update your PowerPoint skills and you skipped right by it. If only things could be different.

But wait! They can! Don’t let this be you. Whether you use it often or not, PowerPoint is a hard skill for any occasion. You will learn more than just basic transitions, you’ll learn how to really engage with your audience through the visuals you will present them with. Study what it means to customize the user interface and understand what it means to change different options available to you.

You will work with media, animation, video and audio - all components of an excellent and interactive presentation. Develop the confidence to collaborate with others by saving and sharing via the web and wow your colleagues by showing them how to annotate a presentation and add hyperlinks. Don’t be the future you that missed out on this opportunity. Be the smart you that had everyone cheering you on at the top of the room!

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