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MS Excel 2013 Advanced

This free online course on advanced data manipulation using MS Excel 2013, creating scenarios and statistical analysis.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
Gaining advanced knowledge of Excel means possessing the ability to use spreadsheets, tables, and automation efficiently to process large quantities of data. This is a comprehensive course that has been specifically prepared to provide vital knowledge into more advanced features available in Microsoft Excel 2013. To complete this course, you will need to have a good knowledge of the basic features of MS Excel 2013 and working with workbooks.
MS Excel 2013 Advanced
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MS Excel 2013 advanced is a free online course that has been specifically prepared to teach you about the advanced customization and formatting features for easy data manipulation and organization. First, we will take a look at how to update our workbook properties. A macro is an action or a set of actions that you can run as many times as you want. You will learn how to create and edit a macro. This course teaches you how to apply conditional formatting with a particular focus on the conditional formatting rules manager. Do you know that the conditional formatting rule manager can be edited? When working on Excel, it is important to how to add data validation criteria to ranges of cells in a workbook. In this course, you will learn how to trace cells. To trace the errors, excel provides an error tracing tool. If you have any invalid data and formula, it is possible to troubleshoot the problem and then evaluate the formulas.

Next, this course will teach you how to create sparklines. Completing this course will help you know how to create and save different groups of values as scenarios. It is possible to switch between different scenarios to view different results. We are going to create scenarios and perform a what-if analysis. You will learn how to perform a statistical analysis using the analysis toolpak. When defining a Power View, it is said to be a data visualization technology that lets you create interactive charts. You will learn how to create a power view worksheet and create interactive data. As you proceed in this study, you will be exposed to the steps of data consolidation. When you create formulas in Excel and refer to a data point in another workbook, Excel creates a link to that workbook. This course teaches you how to link cells in different workbooks. The techniques for comparing and merging workbook features will be covered.

Furthermore, you will learn how to export Excel data and save your workbook in different formats. Do you know that an Excel workbook can also be saved in PDF or XPS? You will learn how to import a delimited text file and integrate Excel data with the web. It explains the process involved when you want to publish an Excel workbook using the web page dialogue box. Web queries can be created when working on a workbook and this course will teach you how to create web queries. Before that, the definition of a web query, as well as the new web query dialogue box will also be examined in this course. This course has been designed for all those who depend heavily on MS-Excel to prepare charts, tables, and professional reports involving a large amount of complex data. It will be useful for learners who are required to have advanced knowledge of the MS Excel 2013 features.

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