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Modern Political Movements

This free online course gives you a better and thorough understanding of Anarchism, Poststructuralism and Postmodernism.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course covers modern political movements, with some emphasis on Anarchism, Poststructuralism and Postmodernism. It allows you to learn about the various forms of Anarchism, such as Anarcho-syndicalism and Anarcho-capitalism. The challenges to Modernism and how this led to Postmodernism will also be addressed. Highly illustrative worked examples will be given to enhance your understanding of the key concepts.
Modern Political Movements
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This Course in Modern Political Movements, covers the areas of Anarchism, Poststructuralism and Postmodernism. Starting with its historical background, the course allows you to learn about the main idea of Anarchism, as well as its various forms. Notably Anarcho-syndicalism and Anarcho-capitalism will be compared and discussed. Some Critics of this political philosophy will also be considered.

Following Anarchism, Poststructuralism and Postmodernism will be addressed. As you progress through the course, you will also learn about the challenges to Structuralism by the French Philosopher Jacques Derrida. You will be taught how the challenges to Modernism led to Postmodernism. By the end of the course, some worked examples will highlight Postmodernism and the nature of Postmodernist Theory.

This Course covers the main concepts of Modern Political Movements and will be of great interest to anyone who specializes in political Science or is interested in political leadership. Students in Political Sciences will find the course easier to understand and improve their knowledge. So, don’t wait. Start this course today and boost your understanding and knowledge of Anarchism, Poststructuralism and Postmodernism 

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