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Media Studies - Print and Publishing Media - Revised

What significant impacts has print media had on society and how has it changed with the development of the Internet?

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online Media Studies course focuses on print and publishing media. Print media includes books, magazines, and newspapers and is a powerful form of communication. Like many industries, it has faced many challenges over the years. With this course, you will gain an in-depth look at the history and evolution of the basic types of print media, see the effects they have on culture, and learn about the impact the Internet has had on them.
Media Studies - Print and Publishing Media - Revised
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This course discussed the cultural origins of books and the European roots of the modern magazine. You will look into the evolution of contemporary copyright law and the changes that e-books have brought to the publishing industry. The two major formats of paperback books and the benefits and drawbacks of digital libraries will also be discussed here. You will also study the meanings of ‘print-on-demand’ and ‘self-publishing’.

Then dive into the trends in journalism in the 20th century and the backlash against pulp magazines in the 1930s. The different types of specialized magazines and how they have adapted to an online market will also be covered. You will grapple with the history and decline of the newspaper industry, the nature of literary journalism, and the impact of television on journalism. The meaning of ‘watchdog journalism’, as well as the difference between online reporting and traditional print reporting, will also be taught.

Print media is a major means of providing information and transfer of knowledge to people. By studying the history and evolution of books, magazines and newspapers you will gain valuable knowledge, particularly if you are in the fields of media, journalism and communication. So why wait? Start this course today, and start exploring interesting ideas that can open the doors to an exciting career. 

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