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Maths Games Project from Scratch Using Javascript

Get coding and learn to create maths games from scratch using Javascript with this free online programming course.

Publisher: Laurence Svekis ✔
In this course, you will learn how to create a Maths Game using JavaScript, Visual Studio Code, Chrome DevTools, and resources from the Mozilla Developer Network. You will also learn how to create a second more advanced version of the Game and a downloadable CSV File of the player’s score. The game creation process includes a host of code examples and employs a large number of Functions such as Math Random, querySelector, and CreateElement.
Maths Games Project from Scratch Using Javascript
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course provides an in-depth look at JavaScript code in creating a Maths Games Project from scratch. The first topic provides a JavaScript code overview, going over the querySelector and CreateElement Objects. The JavaScript code introduction also covers Math Random Example and Array Sort Method, explaining how Sort can be randomized. The course content also provides the learner with guidance on the tools and resources that are used in the game creation process, and the setup needed for creating the Maths Games. The set-up consists of the Visual Studio Code app and Chrome DevTools accessed through the browser. The Mozilla Developer Network is also used as a resource. Next, the Game Variables and Objects are created, essentially laying the foundation for the coding that follows. An Event Listener is also added to the code in order to have a functioning game button. After that, the question screen for the Maths Game is built, employing the JavaScript Array Sort Method and its Compare Function.

Next, tweaks and adjustments are made to the game and learners receive instructions on using the Array Unshift Method. Then, an input area is added for the game, and modifications are applied to the game button. Methods used in this process include the Text-Align and Display Properties. And, styling for the background color and text font is added as well. An Event Listener is then applied for checking the player’s answers to the game questions and the ScoreBoard Function is created for keeping score, with a CreateElement Div for outputting messages to the player. The second module of this course provides instructions on how to add Game Play options that the player can choose from to customize their experience. Then, the learner receives instructions on how to create a second and more advanced version of the Maths Game that displays all the questions on the screen at once. Another process that is covered in this module is the creation of a CSV File of the player’s score. The course concludes with a Bug Fixes lesson and a final review of the code, going over the JavaScript Functions that were employed throughout.

This course is crucial to anyone looking to gain knowledge of JavaScript code and its various applications. The code executed herein spans across the endless JavaScript code spectrum. And the result is a fully-functioning Maths Game Project that consists of two versions of the game, with downloadable scores for one of them. The code explanations provided throughout the course, through the experience of the course creator and with the help of the MDN resource, ensure that the learner receives a comprehensive lesson in programming. The detailed assessment section also tests learner-knowledge and presents as a surefire way of information retention. And since it is a video-based course, learners can apply the demonstrated processes by themselves and benefit from an enhanced learning experience. Another advantage of this online course is that it is free. The value of time has also been considered, as it has a maximum study duration of only three hours. So enroll now and benefit from the programming lesson on offer.

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