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Mastering Maven: Java Build Tool

Learn how to build and manage your Java-based programs with Maven build automation tool in this free online course.

Publisher: Quaatso
Do you want to build and manage your Java-based projects in a simple and efficient way? With this course, you'll get a good command of an open-source Maven build automation tool to build and customize your projects. This course covers the default behavior of Maven and how you can customize it for your specific project needs. Also, the tasks of executing and deploying your programs with a simple step-by-step approach are also discussed in detail.
Mastering Maven: Java Build Tool
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Maven is a powerful Java build tool used to build deployable artifacts from the source code. It follows the convention over configuration principle giving an opportunity to manage your projects with little to no extra effort. We will show you how to download and install Maven on Mac/Linux and Windows operating systems by following simple steps. Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides support for the Maven build and requires no explicit Maven plugin. Discover how to create a simple project on Maven using Eclipse and understand the default behavior and settings of Maven when you don’t provide any custom configuration. During the development of an application, we often require libraries that are created by someone else. Learners will be taught about the dependency of Maven projects on these libraries, dependency range, the main scopes of a dependency and how Maven provides flexibility to resolve any dependency conflicts should they arise.

Maven build lifecycle is a collection of multiple phases/steps that always run in order. You will learn about different goals of using Maven, standard build lifecycles and their respective functions. Learners will be shown how to deploy a Java application onto a server following a sequence of steps. In Maven, a project is configured and managed with the help of a single file called POM.xml. You will be taught how to customize the default behavior of Maven by altering POM.xml. Upon that, you will gain insight into the concept of child POM, super POM and the merger of these POMs. Maven works with plugins and each plugin is bound to a particular phase. When we run a lifecycle, we call different phases that are connected to a particular plugin and its goal. Learners will acquire knowledge of plugin tags, a list of plugins, and how to use and configure custom plugins.

This course is designed for students of IT and computer science and anyone who want to learn about a build automation tool for managing projects. This course requires no pre-requisite knowledge, skills or experience and anyone can take up the course. Are you someone who finds computer codes and commands confusing? Worry no more. This course is divided into easily understandable lectures and helps learners with the necessary executable codes and commands. This will make it easier for you to set up a hierarchy of tasks in a simple and efficient fashion. Java is a widely used object-oriented programming language and Maven happens to be the most commonly used build tool for java based projects. Having equipped yourself with the knowledge and expertise in this dynamic project management tool, you will be better able to secure a position for yourself as an IT professional in the job market. Join the course now and learn for free!

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