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Mastering Maps and Location-based Apps in iOS

Learn how to add location and map functionality using location-based apps in iOS with this free online course.

Publisher: Devslopes
This free online iOS app development course will teach you about how you can create applications that use location and map functionality in iOS. It will introduce you to working with major iOS libraries/cocoapods such as CLLocation, Mapkit and outlines how to work with network requests. You will also learn how to work with Alamofire and Alamofire Image to download images from a chosen location, and a whole lot more!
Mastering Maps and Location-based Apps in iOS
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This course is an introduction into how to implement location based features into your apps. A huge number of best-selling apps incorporate some level of location services such as Uber, Tinder and more. This topic offers a comprehensive overview of working with locations and map. You will learn how to make network requests, manage location and embed maps in apps using MapKit.

The course continues by working with core iOS objects such as CLLocation to handle location and altitude data of a device. You will also learn how to install and utilise Cocoapods such as Alamofire and AlamofireImage to download images from URLs.

If you’re interested in iOS app development as a future career, or if you’re an IT professional seeking to improve your iOS skills, then understanding location services is an integral part of mastering iOS. This course offers key iOS app development skills for learners who wish to use location features in their applications. This course takes learners from the basics of working with location to building a fully functional application that can download images from any chosen location. With this free course, you’ll learn these vital skills in just 3 hours. So start this course today, and by the end of week you’ll have an excellent new skill!

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