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Mastering Google Docs

Acquire the necessary skills to use a modern word processor to create invoices and CVs with our free online course.

Publisher: JM Ekhteyari
Gain modern word processer skills by taking our course covering Google Docs and some aspects of Google Drive relevant to Docs. We’ll be taking a close look at all the tools that allow you to produce various documents, including a CV, invoice, and certificate. By the end of the course, you will be competent in using Docs in its full capacity, ensuring you can create professional documents while collaborating with others.
Mastering Google Docs
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    4-5 Hours
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Google Docs is a free word processor that enables you to create, edit, and collaborate with others on school, work, or personal projects. You will also explore a complementary app called Google Drive. Naturally, you will start with the basics. You will discover how to utilize features of the Start Page, how to create a blank document, show your view history, display templates, decide on controls based on your language preference, and work offline.

Next, you will explore the vast number of editing options at your disposal. You will grasp how to rename, undo and redo, manage fonts, insert links, add comments, utilize line spacing, add check-list, bulleted and numbered lists, clear formatting, printing, and two modes called suggesting and viewing. After that, the instructor illustrates the first three menus of Docs; File, Edit, and View. The skills studied include sharing and collaborating, creating/opening/copying, emailing, downloading, renaming, moving, cutting, copying, pasting, mode switching (editing, suggesting, and viewing), going full-screen, and more! Most importantly, you will learn to create an invoice, certificate, and CV, by applying previous knowledge.

Furthermore, you will see how to format various elements, how Google Drive interacts with Docs, and format multiple elements. The course concludes with short videos that teach you specific skills, referred to as Quick Wins. By the end of this course, you will have acquired a skill set that will enable you to produce professional documents, opening doors to many careers. And best of all, this course is free! So enrol now to advance your skills in using this modern word processor!

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