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Massage From Around the World

Master massage styles and techniques from around the world for health and pleasure in this free online course.

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Massage helps people relieve pain, reduce stress, increase relaxation and promote general wellness. A massage therapist requires a good range of techniques to attract clients and fulfil their needs. This free online course covers various types of massage therapy with different health benefits. We also examine the relevant equipment and common mistakes to avoid when giving a massage so sign up to provide pleasure and improve health.
Massage From Around the World
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Massage therapy is an ancient treatment and has been used worldwide by various cultures for thousands of years to supplement existing medical practices. This free online course examines various massage traditions and techniques, including Swedish massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage and more. We show you to tell if you could benefit from massage therapy, which oils to use and how to use them properly to enhance your client's experience. We cover a range of sports massage methods to help athletes before, during and after events to recover from and prevent injury. This course examines specific types of sports injury and explains how to treat each area of the body properly. We also delve into the history of Indian head massages and how to perform them to stimulate the circulation of blood and oxygen to the upper body.

The course then lays out proper personal hygiene practices that massage therapists employ to reduce health risks. We demonstrate how to conduct a facial massage and compare it to the body massage. We then cover the correct way to give a back and neck massage, with important associated safety precautions, before showing you how a full body massage can relieve pain and stiffness. The course then analyzes Swedish massage and the unique challenges posed by pregnancy.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, around 19% of Americans enjoyed some form of massage in 2018, indicating growing recognition of the practice’s health benefits. A good massage therapist should master a wide range of techniques to customize their service to each client’s needs to provide the best possible experience. This course explores many different techniques to help you decide which one is best for your client. Whether you are looking to work as a professional or want to simply provide comfort at home, this course suits anyone interested in learning many different massage styles.

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