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Learn Game Development with Python and Pygame

Improve your programming skills by building a game from scratch with Python and Pygame in this free online course.

Publisher: Zenva
Are you a beginner or an aspiring game developer interested in learning game development with Python/Pygame from start to finish? Sign up for this free online course today to build and improve your Python skills. Also, you will be taken through how to build a simple yet practical project that you can truly enjoy once it's finished. You don't need prior programming experience, although you need to have some basic Python knowledge.
Learn Game Development with Python and Pygame
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Python is one of the most popular programming languages out there today! This is because of its facility and ease of use. There are many frameworks and libraries available which can be used to build just about any program including even games. One framework that can be used to build games written in Python is called Pygame. The library is easy to install, easy to use and contains all of the components needed to build a simple game. Sign up for this course now to improve your Python skills and learn how to build a simple practical project. This free online course on Game Development will take you through how to improve a game by adding extra functionality, building new games and other Python projects. With this course, you will get to explore other Python frameworks and libraries.

In this course, you will learn how to integrate custom objects and Pygame components. You will learn about decision making along with how to update object positioning and render graphics. Additionally, you will understand the process of implementing game logic and how to build an RPG style game. You don't need prior programming experience to learn from this course, although you need some basic Python knowledge. By no means do you need years of experience – as long as you understand the basics of the language, you should be good to go! The processes in this course are not supported in/by Linux, unfortunately. As long as you have a Windows or a Mac OS, you are all set! Another thing you will need is the willingness to learn and challenge yourself.

This course is great for beginners in Python. In this course, you will cover various topics like how to install Python and Pygame. You will work on creating and running a project so you get familiar with starting up a new project and running things through a main.py file. Also, you will focus on creating and displaying a game window – along with using a game loop to keep the window open. Additionally, you will move to importing and drawing images from the project. In this course, you will understand how to implement custom objects such as GameObject, player and enemy classes. You will learn how to implement collision detection to tell when colliding with an enemy. Lastly, you will finish up with implementing game logic. This is an exciting course where you will be able to learn about Python and Pygame. One of the best ways to build your programming skills is to build a practical project that you can actually enjoy once it's finished. This course is targeted at anyone interested in developing simple games or improving their Python skills. Sign up for this course today and begin your next learning journey!

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