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Junior Certificate Project Maths - Ordinary Level

This course covers the Irish Junior Certificate (Ordinary Level) Project Maths Syllabus.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Junior Certificate maths course will teach you everything you need to know for the ordinary level Junior Certificate mathematics assessment. It will teach you Junior Cert probabilities and statistics, as well as about the shape, size and relative position and properties of spaces and objects. Check your progress and improve your grades today with this free online ordinary level Junior Cert maths course.
Junior Certificate Project Maths - Ordinary Level
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    10-15 Hours
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This course is for students interested in studying the Project Maths Junior Certificate Ordinary Level Course in its entirety. This free online course provides students with tutorial videos on all the ordinary level topics in Project Maths.

The course starts off with teaching you about probability and statistics where you will learn about constructing a stem and leaf diagram, arrangements and selections, and the probability of events. In the next module you will learn about the shape, size, relative position and properties of space of objects with geometry, and about the relationships between the sides and angles of the objects with trigonometry.

In the third module you will learn about number formats such as decimal, and scientific notation, and how to work with indices both negative, positive and fractional. Next you will be taught about algebra, starting off with simple formula, expanding brackets, factorising. The second part of algebra will teach you about solving different types of equations.

This course would be of great interest to anyone studying for the Irish Junior Certificate, or anyone looking to gain a good understanding of fundamental mathematical skills and knowledge.

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