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JavaScript and CSS - Fully Responsive Mobile Ready Website

Level-up your coding skills and create a responsive mobile website using JavaScript and CSS in this free online course.

Publisher: Laurence Svekis ✔
More and more of the world’s web traffic is coming from mobile devices and organizations need to ensure that all their applications and websites are mobile-friendly. This free online web development course will teach you the skills, techniques and methods required to set up and build a fully responsive and dynamic mobile website including webpage content and a working navbar using the popular JavaScript and CSS coding languages.
JavaScript and CSS - Fully Responsive Mobile Ready Website
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Coding as a field of expertise is in-demand given the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and this free online web development training will have you creating a dynamic mobile website using JavaScript and CSS in no time. The course begins with an introduction to building a mobile-ready website and you will learn the importance of making a sketch of the website and how to plan and set up the website which includes how to create the stylesheet file, the JavaScript file (also known and as the Js file) and the CSS file. The web development tutorial then moves on to teach you how to inspect, debug and troubleshoot the development codes using the chrome dev tools, the main setup of the HTML of the website,  This free online course on Alison.com will teach you how to set up the main HTML of the website, website navigation bar, required media queries, and how to create and add a logo.

In the next part of the course, you will learn JavaScript which covers a whole host of techniques and effects such as updating objects or web content, various navigation options and more creative effects. Your imagination is the only limit because you can make your mobile website come to life with all sorts of interactivity, colours, characters, and fonts. Included in this section is specific tools and ideas for the look and feel of your mobile website such as how to create colour palettes, where to download fonts, how to add mock content to your website so you can have a view of how everything will look in the end, and all sorts of tweaks and adjustments. The final part will show you exactly how to perform a technical review of the website so you can ensure that everything is working perfectly as it should be.

A responsive mobile website is a system of creating a website that works perfectly on all mobile platforms, and it also means creating websites that will automatically scale its content to fit into users' environment, which is usually determined by the users' mobile screen size, -orientation, and mobile -platform. A responsive website helps users understand and consume the content easily and is the basis for a great overall user experience (UX). If you are starting out in a career in web development, application development or even user experience, enrolling in this course will teach you the technical know-how and UX design principles to not only create a fully functional mobile website, but also apply your knowledge to various other web development and design projects.

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