Java Part 2: Various Updates, Security and RIA

Learn about all of the newest updates to Java SE 7, including data and Java security updates with this online course.

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This free online course, "Java Part 2: Various Updates, Security and RIA", covers many of the newest updates to the Java platform. It will cover updates to XML External Properties and processing limits. It also covers I18N Locale Class Updates and I18N Numeric Shaper. Students will learn about JDBC Updates. It wraps up with the latest Java security updates for secure communication. So, why wait? Start this course today to learn more.
Java Part 2: Various Updates, Security and RIA
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This course, Java Part 2: Various Updates, Security and RIA, will provide you with an understanding of many of the new updates to come to Java SE 7 and of how they work in terms of data management and security. You will learn XML external properties. You will be able to explain the enhancements to JAXB and JAX-WS in the newest version of Java. You will also learn about XML processing limits.

This course then explains I18N regular expressions. You will learn about I18N locale class updates. The course also covers I18N numeric shaper and the many collection framework updates that come with the Jave SE 7 update.

This course then wraps up with details about Java runtime and database connectivity updates. You will learn about JDBC statement interface updates, enhancements to JDBC 4.1, and the many new security features that come with the new Java SE 7. By taking this course you will gain an understanding not only of these updates and the updates discussed in Java 1, but how these features operate. So why wait? Start learning today.

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