Japanese Language: Introduction to Japanese Phrases

Boost your knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and phrases in just a few hours, with this free online Japanese course.

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This free online Japanese language course will introduce you to several key Japanese phrases. If you're interested in Japanese culture, planning a trip, or even planning a move, learning Japanese can be a wonderful and empowering experience. This free online course will help you get a grasp of both Japanese grammar and vocabulary, getting you started on the path to speaking Japanese with simple, fast, and effective lessons, tips, and examples.
Japanese Language: Introduction to Japanese Phrases
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This free online Japanese course will first introduce you to Japanese phrases that talk about people, places, and things, including cost and purchases. You will practice the pronunciation of Japanese words and learn Japanese numbers up to 100. You will also study the Japanese words used for the location of objects such as Kore(this), Sore(that), and Are(that over there) as well as learn the use of Dare(who).

Next, you will learn Japanese phrases that discuss hobbies and time including the days of the week and time expressions. You will study how to ask questions such as "what time is it now?" as well as express the time in quarter and half-hours in Japanese. You will also learn how to count the floors of a building and how to apply your new Japanese vocabulary to important everyday situations.

There are about 1 million speakers of Japanese as a second language, and with this free course you can get one step closer to being one of them! Whether for business or self-improvement reasons, the Japanese language is a fantastic language to learn. Don't wait until you are about to board a plane to Japan before you try to improve your Japanese vocabulary. Check out the course now and start speaking Nihongo in no time!

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