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ISO 31000:2018 - Enterprise Risk Management Framework for Risk Leaders

In this free online course learn the basic principles, framework and processes of risk management for ISO 31000:2018.

Publisher: Exoexcellence Consultants
This free online ISO 31000 course teaches you the principles and fundamental concepts of risk management. You will understand the various terms included in the ISO GUIDE 73 on risk management, the relationship of various principles, frameworks and processes as well as the role of leadership in creating and managing risk management frameworks for different organizations.
ISO 31000:2018 - Enterprise Risk Management Framework for Risk Leaders
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ISO 31000 is the international risk management framework standard for enterprises and corporations. This free online course empowers you to support and lead an organization and its team to robustly identify, comprehend and manage a risk process based on ISO 31000: 2018. You will learn risk management best practices that include the starting point for designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and continually enhancing the risk management process. 

This interactive course explores the International Standard Organization’s (ISO) complex guidelines in a practical way and starts by introducing the 31000 standard. Its scope, definitions and various other applicable publications are discussed. Also included are other important terminologies of risk management that are listed in the ISO Guide 73:2009. Critical to the successful implementation of a risk management framework is the integration of it into an organization’s systems and processes. Stakeholder inclusion, continual improvement and leadership buy-in are all vital to ensure adequate resource allocation and effective implementation. The material covers all of these aspects and many more, and practically demonstrates how a framework should be designed with specific provision for evaluation and feedback. The next part covers risk management at different levels, which happens once the initial framework has been implemented. You will learn about communication and consultation, how to build inclusiveness in the teams involved in implementation and the role of scope definition in the implementation process. Risk criteria plays a vital role in the risk assessment process and once you learn about them, you will cover the decisions that need to be made as far as risk treatment options go and the many recommendations there could be.

This free online course is ideal for those in risk management roles or mid-to-senior management level employees who are key to strategic decision making. Enrolling for this course will allow you to expand your knowledge and skills in the critical and sought-after area of risk management.

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