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Introduction to Transport Layer and Network Security

Learn more about encryption, network security and troubleshooting with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online computer networking course introduces you to the Transport Layer and network security in computer networks. Start the course today and learn about how encryption and port numbers determine which packets belongs to which application. The course is ideal for learners interested in becoming network engineers as it covers topics like routing, TCP, UDP, and how to troubleshoot a network.
Introduction to Transport Layer and Network Security
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This free online course introdcues you to security in computer networks by explaining the two types of transport layers - the connection orientated protocols, and the connection less protocols. Next, the course teaches you about UDP on a Cisco packet tracer. For a router to be able to forward packet from source to destination, it needs is a mapping between destination IP address and the port number of this router.

The course introduces you to the most essential part of encryption which is changing the human readable form using some mathematical function. You'll how port numbers help communication between one application and another - by assigning these port numbers the applications are able to determine which packet belongs to which application.

Start this course today and you will gain knowledge computer networks including routing, dynamic routing with distance vector, Transport Layer, TCP, UDP, UDP on a Cisco packet tracer, encryption, network security and troubleshooting.

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