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Introduction to Toyota Production System

Learn how the Toyota Production System is used for competitive advantage in organizations with this online TPS course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Toyota Production System training certification course discusses the unique Toyota manufacturing system, how the Chinese focused on fast growth and low cost, and how Toyota arranges components designed to achieve objectives according to plan. Start this course on Alison today and learn about the various sources of competitiveness in different organizations and about wastes as a result of overproduction.
Introduction to Toyota Production System
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This free online course discusses the meaning of manufacturing and manufacturing as a value addition system. This course explains the Toyota system approach to manufacturing, the several sources of wealthlth creation, deflation costs, how decreasing cost of input resources and how same level output resources result in additional margin for manufacturers. 

Next, the course goes on to explain the success of Toyota over the years, the Toyota idea and the 4Ps including philosophy, process, people and problems  of the Toyota production system. You will learn about the elimination of waste in the Toyota production system, improvement of quality while still maintaining low cost, value added and non value added activities, and the concept of material management as a very important aspect of competitiveness.

Finally, the course explains the connection between the Toyota way and the tools for people to continually improve their work. The course also teaches about the methods used in analyzing processes used for getting the right results. Start this course today and learn about the Toyota - Lexus story and the application of continuous flow in lean manufacturing of the Toyota production system. 

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