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Introduction to the Role of Nutrition in Human Health

Learn about the key relationships between food, nutrition, and human health in this free online human nutrition course.

Publisher: NPTEL
The free online human nutrition course will introduce you to the relationship between food, nutrition and health, and how the body digests, absorbs and utilizes nutrients. Start the course and learn about the classes of nutrients and their various food sources, the energy requirements in the body, and the causes, symptoms and dietary requirements for some diseases that affect the body.
Introduction to the Role of Nutrition in Human Health
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In this free online course, you will learn about the relationship between food, and nutrition and the key role they play in maintaining human health. The course also covers how nutrients are utilized in the body, and the recommended dietary allowances.

The course begins by reviewing the various classes of nutrients, such as the classification and importance of carbohydrates in the diet, as well as the types of dietary fiber. Next, the course teaches you about the essential amino acids, and the types and health significance of protein. You'll also learn about factors influencing energy needs, the roles of macronutrients, units of energy and components of energy requirements. Also covered are the basal metabolic rate (BMR), energy balance, and benefits and dietary sources of vitamins.

Finally, you will learn about the functions of major minerals as well as trace minerals in the body. This course will be of great interest to learners who want to understand the importance of food in maintaining health. Knowing the classes of nutrients your body needs and their food sources will help you learn to take care of your health. Start this course today and learn about the key relationships between food, nutrition, and human health.

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