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Beginner Course in the Development of the Tourism Industry

Learn how the travel and tourist activities of the past have led to the creation of the modern day tourist industry.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This free online course on the development of the tourist industry will teach you all about the formation of the tourism industry, from ancient times to the modern era. The tourism sector didn't just develop overnight, they have a fascinating and important global history. Tourism and travel are incredibly rewarding activities and powerful industries that lie at the heart of several modern economies across the world.
Beginner Course in the Development of the Tourism Industry
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In order to understand the present and prepare for the future, one must first learn what happened in the past. This course begins by showing you how travel developed in ancient and medieval times and proceeds by detailing the evolution of travel both in Europe and the United States. It will then explain how the modern tourist industry is influenced by the tourist habits of the past.

Different modes of transportation have gradually developed throughout history. This course will explain how transportation influences people's vacation habits. It will also explain how accommodation for travelers has advanced since the Middle Ages. You will then learn about the importance of three central factors that people consider when making decisions about their vacation. You will also learn about the two financial aspects of potential tourists and discover how Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs can be used to promote tourism effectively.

Tourism has become one of the biggest industries globally generating up to 10% of the world's GDP. Many countries consider tourism as one of their top priorities because of the benefits it brings. This makes people with knowledge and skills in tourism highly valuable members of any economy, with employment opportunities around the world. With this course, you can boost your knowledge of this vital industry and get a little closer to an excellent career, all for free.

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