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Introduction To Steam, Boilers & Thermodynamics

Learn more about steam, its applications and the theory of thermodynamics in this free online course.

Publisher: saVRee
This free online thermodynamics course will give you an introduction to the origins of steam and boilers. You will learn how it's generated and why we use steam instead of other alternatives. You will also study basic thermodynamic laws and how heat is transferred. Finally, you will learn about how steam is harnessed in industrial applications, how steam systems are used at almost every industrial facility on the planet, and more.
Introduction To Steam, Boilers & Thermodynamics
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In this free online course Introduction To Steam, Boilers & Thermodynamics you will learn that the industrial revolution may have been fired by coal, but it was powered by steam. Humans have been harnessing the power of steam for thousands of years, but it is only in the past 200 years that we have started to rely on it for countless industrial applications.

This course begins by looking at the origins of steam. It also covers how steam is generated, and the applications of steam across countless industrial applications. The course also covers the thermodynamics of steam. This course is ideal for those who (plan to) work in the chemical engineering, power engineering, oil and gas, or industrial engineering industries.

This course is taught by an ex-marine engineer with 17 years' experience...so, you're in good hands! 2D images have been used to clarify complicated topics, and quiz questions have also been added so you can test your knowledge. The course includes links to an App and free PDFs to help you consolidate what you have learnt. Start this course today and learn about steam, its applications and the theory of thermodynamics.

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