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Introduction to Safety in Construction

Learn about the critical value and guidelines for safety in the construction industry in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free course is for industry professionals and those seeking to enter the field of construction. You will learn the concept of safety primarily emphasizing its importance and introducing the guidelines for establishing safety as a vital part of working on construction sites. The topics covered include safety standards, the roles of stakeholders, costs of injury compared to investment in safety, safety programs and accident investigation.
Introduction to Safety in Construction
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These days, construction projects are all very complex, innovative, and even marveling like metro constructions and airports. The more projects are getting complicated and massive in scale, the more the emphasis on safety is being made. This free online course will, first of all, define the concept of safety and introduce safety standards, signs, and signals along with a brief history of how the International Standards came into existence. Then you will learn about the roles of the key stakeholders responsible for establishing safety systems for construction projects.  

Next, you will learn the cost analysis of injury versus investment in safety, and cost savings through safety programs. Also, the course will introduce guidelines for setting up a safety program for accident investigation when incidents occur. Further on, you will be taught about Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), the various kinds of PPEs designed specifically for the different body parts being protected for specific tasks. Also, you will learn about the responsibility of contractors in providing the proper equipment and training to workers.

Finally, the course will examine an interesting case study titled: The Collapse of Hangar Truss - how negligence and lack of proper emphasis on safety affected the project. Every construction professional needs to Always Be Careful (ABC) and responsible for safety on site; If you are a designer, site engineer, contractor, or someone interested in the field of construction, then this free online course will equip you with the requisite knowledge you need on safety in the construction industry. Start the course today!

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