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Introduction to Research Methods and Frameworks

Learn about the philosophy of various quantitative methods in this free online course on development research.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course offers an introduction to research methodologies and frameworks. It will teach you the significance of analyzing official statistics, and the importance of a census and other secondary data. Alongside this, the fundamental principles of official statistics in development research will be discussed in detail.
Introduction to Research Methods and Frameworks
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This free online course - ‘An Overview of Research Methods and Frameworks’ - is connected to the growing and important field of development research. You will see that any research methodology is a step-by-step approach to conducting developmental research. Research methodology itself is a complete framework of components that consists of firstly identifying a problem, then evaluating data and lastly finalizing theory. In this course, you will firstly look at the philosophy of quantitative research methods with a particular focus on survey research options. 

Next, you will learn about one of the research tools used in designing, monitoring and evaluating development projects: the SWOT analysis (or identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Analyze the importance of official statistics and the value of the census and other secondary data as well as the significance of fundamental principles of official statistics. This course will teach you how to effectively communicate research results in different ways.

Finally, you will discover that this proactive approach to the challenges of today and the future is more important than ever. Radical changes are happening in the lives of citizens now and within the next few decades. These issues will be compounded by increasing population growth. Development studies will become one of the most influential academic disciplines as more innovative ways to tackle poverty, disease, prejudice, and discrimination are sought. Being grounded in foundational research methods and frameworks will help you pursue a career in this challenging and fulfilling field.

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