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Introduction to Psychiatry

Free online course on the anatomy of the brain as well as various methods of carrying out mental state examination.

Publisher: NPTEL
The free online introduction to psychiatry course will teach you about the anatomy of the brain and how emotions, thoughts and behavior arises from it, as well as the nervous system and sources of EEG and MEG. You will also learn about the questionnaire developed by NIMHANS for carrying out mental state examination, and also take a look at mental health disorders as well as the neurological and metabolic investigations of mental health.
Introduction to Psychiatry
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    4-5 Hours
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In this course, you will learn about the brain and its anatomy, as well as how emotions, thoughts, and behavior can arise from the brain. The study of the nervous system, and also, an introduction to the pyramidal cell will also be covered in the course. Then the course will teach you about the sources of EEG and MEG, the sources of psychology, as well as the foundation of generics and psychoanalysis.

Then, this course will teach you about the various processes involved in carrying out mental state examinations. The questionnaire developed by NIMHANS to access mental health and a look at mood versus effect will also be covered. Lastly, this course will teach you about mental health and various disorders that can affect mental health, as well as neurological and metabolic investigation of mental health.

This course is helpful for learners who want to understand the basic function of the brain, as well as how certain disorders can affect the behavior of a patient. Start this course now to understand the anatomy of the brain, and also the various approaches that can be taken to examine the brain and mental health.

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