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Beginner Neuroscience and Human Development

Why do we all have unique psyches, and how do our environments affect them? This free course answers these questions.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online certificate course introduces you to the fundamental principles of human psychology and will teach you how the psychological make-up of each of us varies from person to person. It covers important topics regarding human development and will help you understand why each human being is unique and how the environment of each individual - as well as nature - contributes to this uniqueness.
Beginner Neuroscience and Human Development
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Have you ever wondered why each human being is different? Sometimes, even twins tend to behave differently. While some people will prefer black colors, some others will prefer white, and some still, other colors. While some people prefer football, some are more inclined to basketball and some hockey, table tennis or may not enjoy sports at all. What makes you ‘you’, and why do people behave the way they behave? Why do you like what you like and dislike what you dislike? Do you know the reason why some people will disagree with what you agree with? These and many more questions will be answered in this course. Human psychology varies from people to people and sometimes this is due to no fault of the person involved. There are several factors that mould people into who they are and you will learn about these as this course unfolds. You will also learn about the fundamentals of neuroscience and how the human brain functions. Moving forward, you will learn about human memory and senses as well as what human development is about.

This course is packaged to give you a sound understanding of the basics of neuroscience and human development. The course begins by introducing you to the basics of human genetics as well as the factors that contribute to the moulding of the human person that makes each human unique. The course will further expose you to the understanding of the cells of the nervous systems as well as various states of consciousness – including sleep. Going forward, this course will help you understand how substance use and abuse can affect consciousness. This course has been prepared with all the ingredients that are needed to help the learner understand how the senses of the body work. It will take the learner through the major theories and models of learning as well as the memory process and the problems of memory. It is well equipped with all the necessary contents that will help you understand the psychological problems of childhood as well as what human development is about. You will also learn about personality traits and psychology - why people behave the way they behave. This course is well designed with utmost simplicity to help you learn. It is often heard that people are difficult to understand, but this course will bring you a step closer to understanding humans.

This course has been designed to help everyone learn about themselves and other people. This course is designed to help employers when dealing with their employees, parents when dealing with children as well as colleagues wherever. Do you wonder why your colleague behaves the way he or she does? Do you want to understand why your child behaves in a particular pattern or why they are attached to certain persons or even places? This course is designed to help you get answers to those questions. This course is relevant wherever there are humans – in the offices, marketplaces, schools, factories, etc. The understanding of humans will help you during job placements, you will know through their behaviors, which employee will fit in a position better than the other. Understanding the personality of people can also help reduce organizational conflicts. It will help you learn why people behave the way they behave at certain ages. The benefits of studying this course are endless. So, what are you still waiting for? Starting improving your understanding of human development today.

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