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Introduction to Media and Culture

Learn how mass media and new media have evolved and how they affect culture, with this free media studies course.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
Mass media refers to the technology reaches a large audience, whereas new media refers to forms of mass media that involve digital technologies. In a clear and simple manner, this free online course will guide you through the basic theories of mass media and new media, the different ways media affects culture, and the evolution of media over time. So start this course and gain essential information for anyone considering a career in media.
Introduction to Media and Culture
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course begins by discussing the events that influenced the evolution of mass media. You will study the five kinds of media convergence, and how they affect culture and society. The course reviews the role of the gatekeeper in mass media and the influence of tastemakers in traditional media. You will also study media literacy and learn its relevance to today's world. Mass media and new media affect culture in many ways. This course will discuss the most important media theories to help you better understand how different types of media can influence audience interpretations and society at large.

Next, the course will guide you through how the media can have a major impact on the political opinions of an audience, and how this knowledge can be used properly and improperly. Media is a major source of entertainment and information, and it is also a major factor in shaping how people communicate with each other. This course will help you better understand the relationship between media and culture, and how they impact society.

If you’re interested in media studies as a future career, or if you’re a media professional seeking to gain new knowledge, then this clear and simple course is the one for you. Knowing the different ways media affects culture, and the evolution of media over time is essential information of any media professional. So start this free course today, and you’ll learn gain this important knowledge in just 3 hours.

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