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Introduction to Marketing Strategies and Case Analysis

This free online course teaches you about the important aspects of effective marketing strategies and how to apply them.

Publisher: NPTEL
Get to grips with the basics of modern marketing, with a special focus on effective marketing strategy, in this free online course. It kicks off with a look at the origins of marketing as well as the importance of professional marketing management, and the roles marketing has in helping ensure a company’s success. You will also analyze real-life case studies to see how they can assist you in drawing up appropriate marketing strategies.
Introduction to Marketing Strategies and Case Analysis
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This is an introduction to the world of marketing: learn about marketing fundamentals, focusing on marketing strategy and integrating it effectively into the consumer market. ‘Marketing’ promotes the sale of products and services, and dates back many years to ancient civilisation and the beginning of trade. ‘Branding’ is an integral part of marketing, and a tactical procedure you use to market your products. This free online course encompasses all these topics.

Marketing in today's consumer world and how marketing can impact different companies is essential to your research. This course will look at how to use marketing insights to create marketing strategies. You will learn more about how consumer behaviours impact your strategy and how to segment the broader market, based on your company’s goals and who your target audience is.

Finally, the course will take you through case analyses and will show you different case studies. These are a vital tool to use when developing your market strategy as they help you understand other markets and how consumers’ contexts can impact how a company or its products are viewed. If you love the energetic and competitive field of marketing, then this introductory course is for you.

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