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Introduction to Leisure Management

This free online course offers an in-depth understanding of leisure management in the leisure and tourist industry.

Publisher: One Education
Are you aware that the word 'leisure' has diverse meanings for different people? So the question to ask is what exactly is ‘leisure’ and how can it be managed? Leisure is the time we have to enjoy life. This course will introduce you to the concept of leisure and leisure management. Research the leisure sector and learn the classification, marketing and human resource management techniques used in the leisure and tourist industry.
Introduction to Leisure Management
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Out of their busy or quasi-busy schedules, everyone has time free from the demands of work or duty. Rest is of the essence to have a relaxing time and participate in recreational activities. Some individuals embark on vacation and seize the opportunity of visiting eye-catching places such as Paris, Dubai or the Maldives, to name a few. Others might instead embark on a wonderful vacation to Africa to explore breathtaking natural landscapes such as the African Great Lakes, Swahili Coast or the Zuma Rock in Nigeria. This course will help you understand the concept of leisure and leisure management. We will show you the strategies that can be used in planning, organizing and promoting leisure activities in the leisure industry. You will discover the model used in the classification of leisure, the factors that affect international travels and the management tools used in the leisure industry.

When it comes to managing leisure, one key consideration is establishing a leisure facility for recreational purposes to meet customers' expectations. But what factors do we consider while setting up a leisure facility? We will teach you about these facilities, the life cycle stages in the leisure business and how some of the stages may affect the resulting outcome of leisure establishments. We will show you the concept and practices that you can employ to increase the performance and efficacy of the leisure facility as well as the steps involved. Furthermore, you will realize how customers feel when their expectations are met, exceeded or unmet. Explore the four factors that contribute to developing the customer evaluation criteria and the three fundamental goals of space and asset management. This course highlights the essential areas of a facility’s department that consume resources and the factors that affect travel and tourism in the leisure industry.

Quality lodging services need to be put in place for customers during their leisure time as it adds to their experience during recreation. Explore the lodging services and hotels, hotel assets and hotel properties’ classifications that are paramount in providing quality lodging services for customers. In addition, discover the factors considered in analyzing the financial performance and predictions of the hotel industry. We cover other aspects of leisure management: good leadership in leisure management, forming a committee for tourism education and training, the importance of human resource and marketing management in the leisure industry and more. This course does not require any prior qualifications or experience and anyone can benefit from it. If you are looking to hone your skills in the field of leisure management or enjoy dabbling in this unique sector, this course is for you! Enrol and start this course today.

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