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Introduction to Gentle Craftivism

Learn how to use crafts as a tool for quiet, slow, and effective activism with this free online course.

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Free Course
This free online course shows how handicrafts can be used as a tool to help create beautiful, kind & fair activist actions successfully, to serve social change and create positive change in hearts, minds, policies & laws. The course focuses on Sarah Corbett’s unique ‘Gentle Protest’ approach to ‘craftivism’, frameworks to use & practical case studies to learn from, as well as craftivism projects you can deliver yourself. Start your journey today.





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In this course, you will learn definitions of ‘craft’, ‘activism’, ‘craftivism’ and ‘Gentle Protest’. You will learn the theory and practice of this unique form of activism and see how craftivists around the world have used this approach to activism in different contexts and scales to help create real positive change personally, locally, nationally and globally. You will discover how craftivism can be a tool to help change hearts, minds, policies and laws as well as when it might not be the best tool to choose out of the activism toolbox of tactics. If there’s time for the loud, there’s also time for the quiet. If there’s time for the fast, there’s also a need for the slow. In everyone’s heart is a desire to change things for the better – it is essential that there is an activist toolkit that is as diverse as humanity. This form of gentle craftivism is for everyone wherever you are in the world: from skilled crafters to burnt out activists, introverts, highly sensitive people, people struggling with anxiety and those people who want to challenge injustice in the world but don’t know what to do, where to start or how to prioritise their energies and time.

The course looks at how to use the process of handicrafts for mindfulness, critical thinking about your activism strategy as well as a process for communal craftivism to find common ground and be in solidarity with others to help make our world a happier, healthier and more harmonious place for all. Secondly, you will see how to use the product as a bespoke gift to give to power-holders such as politicians, business leaders, religious leaders and other people in positions of power and influence to encourage them to use their power to contribute to society and to help you be seen as their critical friend holding them account whilst also showing you believe they can be part of the solution to injustices rather than being seen as aggressive enemies that shout, don’t listen to each other or worse: ignore each other. Thirdly, you will learn how craftivism can be used in public spaces (offline and online) as small physical catalysts for thought, conversation and positive action. Finally you will learn about how to measure the impact of your craftivism objects impact and the strengths and weaknesses of craftivism.

By the end of the course you will have a strong understanding of Gentle Protest craftivism and when best to use craftivism as one of the many tools in the activism toolkit - not to replace other forms of activism, but see where it can be of use in the right context, with the right people at the right time. You will learn from real case studies of how craftivism has helped make positive change in the world in large, small and varied ways through different craftivism projects that people have taken part in alone or in groups all over the world in different situations and cultures. You will see how craftivism can help diverse people. And you will see how it is important to have a clear goal, strategy, power-analysis and think through how to attract decision-makers to be attracted to and empowered to be part of the solutions to injustices. The course will give you much more confidence to be a hopeful, kind and effective changemaker using craft as one of your tools to serve social justice. So get started today to begin your craftivism journey!

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Define the term ‘craftivism’ and summarise its history, including previous historical movements and Sarah Corbett’s use of the term
  • Discuss the distinctions between craftivism and traditional activism
  • State the connections between mindfulness and craftivism, and outline how Crafterthoughts can help us to understand issues of injustice with more empathy and nuance
  • Describe the goals of a Gentle Protest and explain how craftivism can help to achieve these goals
  • Explain how craftivism has been a useful tool in furthering many campaigns in the last few years
  • Outline how to run a craftivism workshop, from arranging the space to facilitating, crafting, and the procedure following the workshop
  • Discuss the importance of communal crafting
  • Analyse how to share your craftivism through a variety of media


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