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Introduction to Gaussian Beams in Optical Engineering

Learn about the function, transformation, and application of the Gaussian beam in optical systems with this free course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Explore the technology and application of Gaussian Beams in Optical Engineering with this free online course and learn about the transformation of Gaussian beams with a lens and a mirror, the Gaussian beams equation and what the measurable parameters for the application of Gaussian beams are. Broaden your knowledge of this vast field and take your engineering skills to the next level.
Introduction to Gaussian Beams in Optical Engineering
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Optical engineering studies the generation, transmission, manipulation, detection and utilization of light and in this free online course on Gaussian beams in optical systems, you will be introduced to the importance and functions of the Gaussian beam as well as the usefulness of beams as it relates to light. You will also learn about the mathematical derivation of the Gaussian beam by Herwig Kogelnik as well as the various properties of the Gaussian beam.

You will then study why the Gaussian beam does not have a constant divergence, as well as the reason for the changes between the straight line and the outer edge of the beam. This free online Introduction to Gaussian Beams in Optical Engineering course will teach you how to measure a distance from the current surface to the next surface through the optics software for layout and optimization (OSLO). As you work through the course content, you will learn about the various ways the Gaussian beam can be transformed with particular reference to the transformation that occurs with lenses and mirrors. 

If you’re interested in optics, optical engineering or photonic engineering and want to know more about how this relates to Gaussian beams, then enrol today for this free online course.

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