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Introduction to Environmental Geomechanics

Explore beneath the Earth’s surface as you learn about environmental geomechanics with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course covers the basics of environmental geomechanics, which describes the behaviour of underground materials. We explain how the environment influences conventional geotechnical engineering practices, creating a need for various geometric modelling techniques for the safe transportation and disposal of waste. We also examine the modelling of various environmental situations using geomechanical principles.
Introduction to Environmental Geomechanics
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This free online course covers the background, scope and current trends of environmental geomechanics. We take you through the various geometric modelling techniques for the safe transportation and disposal of waste. We also unpack the principles underpinning the practices employed to cope with the problems associated with working underground.

We break down the methods of cleaning contaminated sites and the intricacies of modelling various environmental situations using geomechanics. The course then demonstrates the importance of theory, lab tests, field tests, empirical relations and computer applications. We identify the resources that are required to utilize and extract energy while disposing of radioactive nuclear waste.

The course then investigates the process of extracting methane and explains how to model the behaviour of gas hydrate-bearing sediments (HBS). We outline the flaws of conventional geomechanics and the parameters for the classification of soils. This course suits students studying civil engineering, researchers in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering fields or anyone curious about the complexities of safely extracting the Earth’s riches without destroying the environment.

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