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Introduction to Ecology and Evolution

Learn about the history of ecology and the foundation on which we have built our knowledge around evolution.

Life Science
Free Course
This course will take you right back to the beginning, to when ecology was being studied properly for the first time and you will be introduced to the scholars behind the documentation of these studies. Many theories will be discussed throughout this course, such as Malthusian theory which discusses the impact of population growth. Learners will learn about biodiversity and the levels of organisation in the natural world.
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This course in ecology and evolution will discuss the basic principles of both and the theories that accompany them. The two subjects are irreversibly intertwined which you will see throughout this course. Scientists and biologists will be studied such as Thomas Robert Malthus who put forward the Malthusian theory and of course, Charles Darwin who famously put forward the theory of Natural Selection in 1859. If we want to know anything about how the natural world, we must first explore the past and see where the study of ecology began. Following on from a brief history lesson, the course will take you through an in-depth look at biodiversity and the importance of it in the world. Biodiversity lends itself to many different theories as well as principles that we see applied to the world today.

In this course, you will discover the rationale behind the Emergent Principle which says that in ecology the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. You will also be taught the evolutionary speed hypothesis which states that warmer temperatures lead to shorter generation times and increased mutation rates. What are mutation rates you might ask? The answer to this and all your other question lay with this course where the content is laid out clearly and precisely to help you gain a deeper understanding of ecology and evolution. 

By completing this short introductory course, you will learn the very basics behind ecology and evolution. After this, there are many other complementary courses to expand your knowledge and continue you on this ecological journey of discovery. There are many people suited to this course including, but not limited to; people with an interest in the natural world, students deciding on a discipline to specialise in, biologists refreshing their minds on the principles that govern their work and many more. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in a scientific field or just wanting to know a little bit more about the hypotheses surrounding ecology, this course is the place to begin. So why wait? Start your learning journey today with this course on Ecology and Evolution.


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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define Malthusian theory
  • Discuss the theory of Natural Selection
  • Explain the evolutionary speed hypothesis
  • Examine the merit of Simon's Hierarchy Principle
  • Classify tissue, cell and subcellular organelle
  • Evaluate the geographical area hypothesis
  • Identify a habitat 
  • Compare fitness and evolution and what their relationship is to each other
  • Analyse adaptation in ecology


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