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Introduction to C and Assembly Language Programming

Learn about C and Assembly Language Programming from this free online course

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course explains what it takes to learn the basics of C and assembly language programming. The course gives some insights on the 8086 microprocessor, commonly used assembly and stack related instructions, how two variables are swapped in C and the applications of a tool called the compiler explorer. By the end of the course, you will gain enough knowledge to write your own programs in C and assembly language, so get started today.
Introduction to C and Assembly Language Programming
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    1.5-3 Hours
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The course will begin by introducing you to the 8086 microprocessor architecture. You will learn about commonly used assembly language and stack related instructions, the roles of a microprocessor and the tasks carried out by a microprocessor. These tasks are: fetch, decode, and execute commands.

The course then moves on to explain the different types of compilers like GCC, Turbo C and MS Visual C compilers. You will learn about the data types used in C programming language, how to write an assembly program to evaluate an expression using repeated addition and conversion of C programs to assembly language. Next, you will learn about stack related instructions from the assembly and C programming point of view.  

Finally, you will learn the various techniques used for swapping two variables in C using the PUSH and POP operations. You will also learn how to perform multiplication operation using repeated addition and get introduced to a powerful tool – the compiler explorer which makes it easier for programmers to debug. Start this course today, and learn valuable skills in C and Assembly language programming.

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