Introduction to Basic Styling in Website Development

This free online course examine the various features available for building websites from scratch using HTML and CSS.

Publisher: YouAccel Training
This free online course introduces you to website development using HTML and CSS. The course explains the introductory aspect of developing a website and the basics of website design. You will learn how to build the structure of a website, the cascading style sheet model and how to build components in the navigation bar. By the end of this course, you will become well equipped with the necessary skills required to develop a world-class website.
Introduction to Basic Styling in Website Development
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Welcome to this free online course on Introduction to Basic Styling in Website Development where you will learn how to build an actual website and learn all about HTML and CSS. In this course, you will learn about all the key skills you will need to start building out professional websites. Some of the skills covered in this course include HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, building animations, working with navigations, and integrating images directly into a website. As you go through the course, you will be taken through simple processes employed in building websites. This course will explain how to build the structure of a website and the relevance of the cascading style sheet model in the overall website experience. Do you know that web layout is crucial during the development of a website? You will be introduced to Flexbox through this course and you will learn how it is used with animation and planning the layout of a website.

The course goes on to describe the various methods used in building components in the navigation bar of a website as well as padding during website development. You will get to know more about design thinking in website development and how it is used for coming up with a user-oriented website. You will be introduced to the two most important items required when building a website which is a browser and a text editor. Do you know that CSS plays a vital role in the development of a website? This course goes into further detail by taking you through how CSS influences the structure of a website. Does the name Cascading Style Sheet sound a little confusing to you? You will be taken through an in-depth analysis of the Cascading Style Sheet which will alleviate any confusion. You will learn how links are embedded in HTML and how they work together with navigation elements. You will also learn about the use of the HTML DIV tags and the process required for HTML class IDs.

This course continues by explaining how to build the navigation bar components. Do you know that padding is a fundamental concept in CSS? You will be taken through a short guide on how padding is used in CSS. Margins are more or less the foundational aspect of CSS and this course discusses the use of margins in CSS. Did you know that fonts are essential to giving your website a nice look and feel? The course explains how to integrate custom fonts in CSS. We will also discuss refactoring CSS code for more specific selectors in HTML. You will learn how to use Flexbox inside the cascading style sheet grid container. You will also learn how to implement animation in HTML and CSS. You will learn the detail behind the different types of navigation bar styles available in CSS. This course has no technical prerequisite, and it is the perfect course for anyone looking to start building a professional website entirely from scratch. The ideal student for this course is dedicated and wants to learn how to build a modern technology website. Start this course today to kickstart your fantastic career in website development.

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