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Introduction to Banking - Revised

Learn important modern banking practices in this free online course to understand how large banks operate globally.

Publisher: Khan Academy
This course explores the fundamentals of modern banking practices. Banking drives national economies and several large banks operate globally from New York to Hong Kong. Banks allow money to flow about, thus providing mortgages to families and start-up loans to businesses as they guard your savings. This course explains how banks generate economic growth and takes you through their internal workings to train you to work in one.
Introduction to Banking - Revised
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This course opens with an overview of a bank's income statements and defines ‘fractional reserve banking’. We then study the ‘multiplier effect’, money supply, banknotes and cheques. Banknotes are the negotiable promissory notes issued by a bank and we establish their importance before delving into the important topics of loans and reserve ratios.

Many people have heard of ‘leverage’ and ‘treasuries’ but do not fully understand these important financial concepts. This course sets you apart as you acquire a strong understanding of these topics to strengthen your grasp of the banking system as a whole. We then cover the reserve bank, open-market operations (OMO), federal funds rate, discount rate and the federal reserve balance sheet. Finally, we outline federal reserve banking, deposit insurance and the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR).

This course can benefit any aspiring business and finance professionals as well as anyone who would like to learn more about banking and how the global financial system operates. This training enables you to begin an exciting career in banking so sign up to take your first steps into the intriguing world of finance.

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